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Irons Tax Relief, LLC headquarter is located in Lithia Springs, Georgia just twenty minutes west of Downtown Atlanta. Our firm provides Individual and Business income tax preparation, financial accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services and much more nationwide.

No matter where you are… just get your work to us and we will get the job done timely and professionally at a reasonable rate. Our trusted professionals will maintain a real-time personal relationship with you regardless of your physical location.

We have consistently delivered our services with the best possible solution for all our clients. As a result, most of our clients stay with us long term no matter where they live.


 Irons Tax Relief is a full-service Accounting firm and we look forward to working with our existing clients, as well as developing relationships with new clients, to provide excellent tax, tax relief and accounting services.


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                                                            Let the Experts at Irons Tax Relief Negotiate with the IRS for you!

If you're experiencing and you are worried about liens, levies, garnishments, or more, now is the time to learn about your options to protect yourself and resolve your tax burden.

Tax debt reduction programs under federal law provide real relief, but they can be very complex to navigate. We at Irons Tax Relief can help you resolve any IRS-related issues by introducing you to a company that may leverage the law in your favor, potentially saving you thousand of dollars.

Navigating the wide world of taxes has long been a perplexing and arduous process that few feel comfortable handling on their own, and that is ok! It is important to understand that when you call the IRS directly, you will talk to a junior IRS Tax collector whose job is to collect information to use against you to collect on the full debt-even if you are experiencing financial hardship. frontline collector are NOT tasked with the responsibility of negotiating a settlement for you.

 Irons Tax relief has a team of Tax professionals; certified public accountants (CPAs), Accountants and enrolled agents (EAs) exist to understand and stay abreast of the rules governing taxes, so you don’t have to.

 According to the US Government Accountability Office (GAO), 21% of Americans owe money to the IRS. These are taxes that went unpaid  either partially or fully in the year they were due.

While it won’t erase the amount of taxes you owe and your obligations, tax relief can help alleviate your tax burden by reducing the amount of taxes owed to the IRS. It can come in a few different forms, such as a tax credit, deductions, or tax forgiveness, but it essentially consists of programs created by the IRS to decrease your tax bill.

Benefits of Hiring Irons Tax Relief.

Every American can likely agree that the IRS is downright intimidating, and the last thing you want is to be audited. But the complex rules and regulations governing how we file taxes — which can change every year — along with tax jargon can make the process even more daunting for taxpayers.

Hiring Irons Tax Relief will simplify the process and brings it down to a digestible level for the average American. Below are a few ways you can benefit from using Irons Tax Relief:

Wage garnishment and asset seizure are two major ways the IRS collects on what they are owed, but they’re avoidable if you know what your options are. At Irons Tax Relief we can help you find the best option if you’re unable to pay the amount you owe.

As tax professionals we can prevent or stop tax liens and levies by diving into your specific IRS collection case.

Irons Tax Relief will interpret tax law many of us don’t have the time to learn and help explain the complexities and processes involved.

Irons Tax Relief can find the best solution for your specific tax situation.

Irons Tax Relief will step in as your tax representative to help protect and negotiate on your behalf.

Hiring us as your tax professional we will not only help alleviate your tax issues but prevent further ones from coming up in the future.

Final Thoughts.

If you’re like many Americans looking for tax relief, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone and that there are options to relieve your tax burden.

Whether it’s an offer in compromise, an IRS repayment plan, penalty abatement, or some other type of tax relief, it’s worth doing your research and seeing what you are qualified for. You can find all the information you need about your IRS notices, penalties, tax relief options and more on the IRS website, or you can save yourself the hassle by hiring Irons Tax Relief, a company that will work with you on finding the best option... call us today!!!!!!


                                                                                  Call Us Today (678) 224-5540


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